Miami kiteboarding rules at Key Biscaynes Crandon park

Crandon On Key Biscayne: If you go through the park

– proof of IKO leval3 ( iko , pasa, vdws , ffvl , bksa )

-KIO insurance up to dat $78/ year, or $10/day

-$ 10 parking

– MIK Membership fee 50/ year or 10/ day.

FYI All free if you go by boat.

Crandon Park Riding Rules

Because of its popularity, Crandon Park is more regulated than other launches in Florida.  Unlike other kiteboarding beaches, rules at Crandon Park are strictly enforced.

All riders who are not taking lessons are required to show competency in upwind riding. All riders not taking lessons are required to supply written proof of  IKO Level 3, PASA, or equivalent certification when they register at the beach launch sign up area with NO exceptions.   IKO or equivalent insurance (available through our school)  is also required to ride.  A complete set of rules can be found here.

Kiteboarding Rules and Regulations

• Kiteboarder must check into the beach signup area prior to accessing the launch. A minimum P.A.S.A. or I.K.O. level 3 certification (available through our school) or equivalent must be presented and a copy will be kept on file. Kiteboarders will be issued a streamer pennant that must be flown while kite is in use. A limited number of streamers will be given out daily on a first come first served basis.

• Kiteboarders are suggested to wear a helmet at all times.

• Kiteboarders will be responsible for maintaining a good working safety system.

• No Kiteboarders will be allowed to set up on or near the dunes or North of the lifeguard stand (on the Nature Preserve beach).

• Emergency personnel must have access to the entire beach. All kites, strings or boards left in the emergency alley are the responsibility of the rider. The County will not be liable for any damage caused during routine maintenance or emergency rescues.

• The Kiteboarder is responsible for any damage to the facility or beach.

• Kiteboarders are required to enter the open water thru the marked channel located between lifeguard stand North 5 and North 6. All riders must remain outside of the channel markers during their ride. No riders will be allowed to surf near the shoreline or on any sandbar or sea grass bed within the markers.

• Any rider may be asked by any representative of Miami Dade Parks, Miami Dade Water Rescue or Miami Dade Police to leave the premises if the rider has repeatedly disregarded any or all of the above rules.

• Any rider that has been removed from the beach will not be allowed access to the facility for an amount of time determined by the Park Manager not limited to an indefinite expulsion.

Directions to Crandon Park Launch/Concession

1. Drive on I-95 South until you see the Rickenbacker Causeway/Key Biscayne exit (last exit on I-95 South).

2. Follow the signs to Rickenbacker Causeway/Key Biscayne and pay the toll.

3. You will drive over a big bridge and then 1 mile later, a small bridge.

4. About 1/2 mile after the small bridge, look for Crandon Park North Beach signs on your left. If the North entrance is closed, drive 500ft further to the South entrance. Turn left into the park and pay fee.

5. Enter park and drive to the left most side of the park and find the left-most parking spot (next to Nature Center – Parking Lot #1).

6. Look for the big white van and begin the signup process.  Call 954-927-7002 if you need to contact a school manager.

7. On busy days we may ask you to walk to the signup area instead of meeting us at the big white van.  The signup area is located next to the Miami Kiteboarding van, as you enter the main kiteboard area.  Note that South Florida Kiteboarding and Miami Kiteboarding are the same company.