Miami Kiteboarding Map

Miami Beach kiteboarding map

Only kite in areas that aren’t supervised by lifeguards,

-45th street to 60th street,

-87th street-

-88th st till Hallover

There are a lot of rules to follow in Miami kiteboarding. Where to Miami kiteboarding Is on south beach, yes the most crowded beach is the one with the best access. Is that crazy or what?? Yep you guessed it there is $ involved in the other places in Miami.

Miami Beach Kiteboarding to kitesurfing Spots

Kitesurfing Miami Beach is not a right, it’s a privilege, work together to keep it alive. Be courteous to lifeguards, beach goers, swimmers, surfers and paddlers.
Only kite in areas that are not supervised by lifeguards! Do not setup your equipment near lifeguard towers; always remain at least 200 yards away.

The most popular spot is located between 23rd and 29th Street.

Other locations are 45th street to 60th street, and north of 87th street.

Advanced and confident kiters only!

Miami Beach kiting is a challenging of prevailing onshore conditions, dense crowds, waves, rocks, and frequent unexpected weakening of onshore winds. Please DO NOT kite here if you are a beginner without an experienced certified Instructor. You should be at least a Level 3 (i.e. able to stay upwind, launch and land safely and be able to self-rescue) to ride by yourself at any of the Miami Beach spots.

Note to Beginners:

Miami needs you to kite with supervision (lesson) ideal spots for beginners and intermediate riders. offer shallow waters, mild currents and little wave action, which is ideal for individuals with little to moderate experience. From these locations beginners and intermediate riders can learn to stay upwind and ride safely in much easier conditions. Boat access is the way to go to the Biscayne bay.

 Miami Beach

Miami Beach kiteboarding. Only kite in areas that aren’t supervised by lifeguards,

-45th street to 60th street,

-87th street-

-88th st till Hallover

Intermediate and Advanced kiters only. This spot can be dangerous because of gusty conditions, crowded beach, undertow, waves, rocks, and light onshore winds. Please DO NOT kite here if you are a beginner without an Certified Instructor. You should be at least IKO Level 3>to ride by yourself at any of the Miami Beach spots. The following rules should be followed when kiting here:
1) Only ask experienced kiteboarders to launch and land you.
2) Avoid kiting and launching close to beachgoers.
3) Launch the kite and quickly get out past the boys or boat markers.
4) Avoid flying the kite on the beach over sunbathers.
5) Roll up your lines when not using your kite.
6) Launch and land from designated areas away from beachgoers.
7) Don’t jump near the shore or close to swimmers.

23rd street to 27th street- This is the most popular Miami Beach spot. as a word of advice, avoid it!

45th-60th street- Hard to access, no parking and few kiters. You must be able to self launch and self land safely to kite here.

87th Street- Kite to the North of the Lifeguard Stand after the park. Always stay at least 200 yards from any lifeguard tower

There are lots of places that try to get you out of Miami /Miami beach

most charge and only provide a way in and out of the water

(way point)

PAY to play by .

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As the new season approaches, we need to inform you of the new procedures we will implement to make riding at Crandon, Hassle-free, safer and mostly trouble-free for a long-lasting kite spot officially recognized by the authorities.
With Last year experience, we came to the following necessary improvements:

– The Sign-in will be simplified by attributing a PERSONAL STREAMER for the entire Season to each Crandon park registered rider.

– The creation of a CRANDON RIDER’S CLUB including a MEMBERSHIP FEE to allow better Signage, more interactivity through Events and Races monthly, more commitment to Self-regulating on our spot, and a WEBPAGE to keep in touch with the Miami kite life.

– SAFETY for bystanders & Riders could be dramatically improved by adjusting CORRIDOR BUOYS.

– NUMBER OF RIDERS ALLOWED ON WATER should BE INCREASED to allow all of us to ride in windy days and reduce wating lines when signing-in the daily sheet.
Those are the main changes that will occur this year. Other than that, the rules are pretty much the same.
CRANDON RIDER REGISTRATION FOR THIS SEASON:So in order to ride in Crandon Park, make sure you prepare the following requirements, effective now as Crandon Park officially re-open on weekends. (After Sept 1st): To obtain your PERSONAL STREAMER LABELED with YOUR NAME, and be Updated on the 2008-2009 Crandon Riders database, you will need to bring on your FIRST DAY:

– UP-TO-DATE IKO INDIVIDUAL INSURANCE (NOT VALID IN THE USA) ( copy of purchase ) ($78.50/year)

– IKO CARD LEVEL 3: Required to be shown on First day as a proof of COMPETENT rider.

– YEARLY MEMBERSHIP FEE of $50 for participation to Crandon Rider Club. ( Help paying for : Signage, buys, People in charge of Check-in, Riders club Website, CLub t-shirt , administration of the club etc…)

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