Miami kiteboarding lessons FL 305 600 0669 how to kiteboard water sports. Key Biscayne bay Florida beach Kite board miami

Miami FL kite  board lessons how to @ 305 600 0669 Florida . Key Biscayne bay Florida beach kiteboarding lessons sets guest standard in school,  lessons and camps. Water sports  how to kiteboarding in  Key Biscayne bay.
The Miami beach school in Kiteboarding tailored lesson for you. Lessons in warm Miami beaches are where the kiteboarding “how to” extreme water sports safe fun lessons are going off!  The how to kite boarding camps, lessons, classes are with IKO & PASA sports training schools. 12 kite board school is the Miami holiday destination training location. call 305 600 0669
-Objectives are outlined in “IKO” lessons. The International Kiteboarding Organization school is recognized standard that will provide guest the benefits of kite gear rental and regulated beach access.
-Experience? You don’t need any. We start beginners and train experienced kite surfers. Learning how to mastering advanced tricks.
-You need to bring?! Sunscreen, a change of clothes (you will get wet). We have all the gear for kiteboarding. If you already have gear, bring it, we’ll help you set it up and teach you a trick or two about how to kite it.
Welcome to the crew of 12 kite surf success through the industry leading standard!!!