Miami Kiteboarding Lesson

Miami Kiteboarding Lesson

Miami Kiteboarding Your Kite Lessons Florida school Beach, Keys

  Your Kiteboarding Lesson is about you. Your level of accomplishment is based on the speed of progression in the time. Signature real deal kiteboarding difference, are lessons for you about you. “IKO” outline has idea Kiteboarding certifications not the same as a qualified kiteboarder. Your Miami signature real deal kiteboarding lessons is the kitesurfing school for you about you.

The Signature Real Deal  kiteboarding Lessons difference;

  • Pro kitesurfing instructor water sports life (no student
    Instructors paying the school to teach kiteboarding with you)
  • Jetboat to a great location with lots of space. Lots of safety. We just focus on you. (the cramped beach where we Have endless conflicts using up our time is not good )
  • Full refund and reschedule when the wind and weather is not right
  • top-end gear that is great for lessons, (we are not focused on pushing you kites kit on your lesson)

New! Miami Hydrofoil lessons, on the Privet hr

Private lessons $148/hr

· $148.00 / per hr, 2hr min.· Improve your skills if you are an intermediate or advanced kitesurfer with a professional coach who will provide technical pointers on maybe setting up the gear, staying upwind tacking, and advanced tricks and latest moves. 

· Get a quick initiation for gear, dialing in a bow kite, or kite set […]


4 hr Dock to Dock ($305.)

• Have fun learning a great sport in a safe environment• Another solid excuse to be on the water having fun. 

• Allow you to reach IKO Level 1 to 2 Your progression is often a factor experience. Going through the Tutorials section will help a lot in your concepts of kiteboarding. At the end of  this […]


Two, 4 hr Sessions of kiteboarding ($525)

·This is your time to work on what you need ·The design is two days of three hours a day (a full serving of time on the water)

 ·Learn the basics of proper and safe gear use. 

·Know the basics and want a fresh up! Skills & knowledge is how we arm you! ·6 hours of instruction to […]

Three, 4 hr Sessions of kiteboarding

• Have fun learning a great sport in a safe environment• This is your time to work on what you need • Another solid excuse to be on the water having fun. 

• Intense kite surfing instruction for 9 hours (three, three hr lessons)·

Gift Certificate

All lessons are available in a gift certificate for the Season. Call 305 3600-0669 for arrangements.


Gear Returns Policy
You can cancel your order within 2 weeks after we have received it. You can return new, unopened items from a canceled order within 2 weeks after they have been delivered to you. Items should be returned in their original packaging to qualify for a full refund.

Lessons Cancellation Policy ( Your Kite Lessons )
Instructors are not responsible for the weather condition. Kitesurfing Lessons are contingent on weather conditions. Weather conditions that are not conducive for kite surfing are determined by 12 Kite.

– Full refund for lessons canceled by the instructor.

eg. no wind = full refund, Hurricane = full refund

– Lessons that are not completed due to inappropriate weather or staffing are eligible for a partial refund.

– A partial refund is based on the hourly rate of time used.

Lessons Cancellation Policy By Guest
Lessons should be booked well in advance.

– To qualify for a refund a guest must cancel booked lessons 14 days prior to the booked time.

– Guests are responsible for attending booked lessons. There is no refund for the unattended lesson within designated availability. Designated availability is not permitted to restrict Guests availability within 14 days of lesson

We will do our best to ensure you enjoy your experience with us.


MIAMI, FL 33133


Miami Kiteboarding Lesson

 Your Kite Lessons, Miami kiteboarding lessons are the real deal in Florida south beach and the keys. adventure boat charters. #kiteboardinglessons #Miami #SOBE

What is Foiling?
Your Kiteboarding Lesson A boat whose hull is fitted underneath with shaped vanes (foils) that lift the hull clear of the water to increase the boat’s speed.
Invented in 1898 by Enrico Forlanini, the hydrofoil has been used in a wide variety of applications. They have been used on military ships, transport vessels, and even helped team Oracle win the America’s Cup. Soon you will see them coming to a kite beach near you on what is widely known as a foil board.

With their incredible efficiency, a foil board can turn a sub-par day into a stellar day. With the ability to go 25knots in 10knots of wind the foil certainly has some advantages. In addition, the foil allows you to ride above the water surface, essentially floating in mid-air. The feeling is serene and thrilling at the same time.
The Gear for Your Kite Lessons
Hydrofoiling is all about one thing….the foil. Getting the right setup is really important and with a bunch of manufacturers popping up, there are more options than you know what to do with.
I personally recommend a dull foil. For Your Kite Lessons foil boards.
With the board, strut, fuselage, and foils disassemble for easy pick-up. As a beginner, you’re looking for a stable low to mid aspect wing. They are easier to ride, more stable and will offer the easiest learning curve. There are many people that are racing on the mid aspect Lift foils since they are so much easier to ride. There are also high aspect racing foils made for speed. They go super fast, but they are really hard to ride, even for advanced foil borders.

Before Your Kite Lessons

There are a few things to consider before Your Kite Lessons heading out into the water on your new toy. First and foremost is the water depth. The foil rides about 3 ft below the surface of the water so making sure to have ample clearance is essential for the well-being of your gear. Your first few sessions you’re going to want to have a bit of power in your kite so we recommend starting in 12-20knots of the wind with a 12 or 10m kite. Foil can perform in ultra light wind, one will be powered so you can edge against the kite as you normally do. Once you’ve mastered the foil, riding in ultra light winds with much smaller kites becomes the norm. Nick Lesson, the owner, and designer at MHL rides a 7m kite in 8-35knots of wind on his Lift foil board.

How hard is it?

I won’t lie, Your Kite Lessons to the foil can be very frustrating when you first get on it. The first session was quite the shocker, as I couldn’t foil for more than 10 ft at a time. With each session, foiling gets easier and easier. By my 5th session, was confidently getting long smooth, silent rides, and I was amazed at the speed, upwind and downwind ability. I was still crashing but that is half the fun of learning something new.
The feeling of foil boarding is addictive because you feel weightless like you are flying. Almost anyone that can kiteboard should be able to foil after a few sessions. Make sure to bring a stocked cooler for after your first session.
The International Kiteboarding Organization (I.K.O.)
Kiteboarder Skill Levels

The International Kiteboarding Organization (I.K.O.) is the world’s largest kiteboarding community, with a worldwide organization of kiteboarding schools, instructors, and kiteboarders. The IKO provides support for Instructors, Students and kiteboarding communities. The IKO Kiteboarding programs are designed to help you learn in a safe way while your IKO Instructor respects your rhythm and takes you through all the Kiteboarder Skill Levels so that you can reach your goals. The IKO Certification standards and training are recognized in over 40 countries worldwide. There is a worldwide network of affiliated schools and instructors. Each one has made a commitment to quality and safety. Every IKO School and Instructor became certified through hard work, dedication, training courses, qualification criteria and safety standards. You can recognize IKO Schools and instructors and products from their distinctive logos and trademarks. IKO schools, only use Current IKO Certified Instructors and teach according to the safety standards. IKO Schools display certificates, flags, and issue IKO Kiteboarder Cards to every student. Only schools that meet the high standards can become IKO Affiliated Kiteboarding Schools.
International Kiteboarding Organization SCHOOLS: Learning how to kiteboard in an IKO Affiliated Center assures safe and fast learning using quality tested methods that maneuver you safely off the beach and into the water! IKO affiliated centers all have liability insurance coverage.
INSTRUCTORS: Instructors are competent kite-boarders who have undergone Instructor Training Courses (ITC) and have learned the IKO teaching methodology. Kiteboard Instructor Training is intense and includes communication, safety, lesson planning, rescues, and people skills. An IKO Instructor also commits to undergo ongoing training to stay current. There are different levels of the instructor from Assistant, Level 1, Level, 2, Level 2 Senior, etc.
STUDENTS: Students learn using the latest proven teaching techniques. the Student progresses through the IKO learning levels from Discovery, Intermediate until they “graduate” as Independent level kiteboarders. Students receive a structured lesson plan, that is easy to follow and can be tailored to the individual. Students can switch between instructors and schools with a standardized teaching system.
MEMBERS: Students can become an IKO member and get access to the IKO community website, news, get discounts on gear, and automatically receive other member benefits, like free online education courses and free access to training videos. Membership is open to all kiteboarding students with their IKO Kiteboarder Certification Card.
LEVELS: Listed below are the IKO Kiteboarder Skill Levels. These Kiteboarder Skill Levels are a series of skills and tasks in the ideal sequence. The Skills chart allows students to gauge their progress and plan their training. They also help identify a student’s skill level, when transferring between schools, or when proving their level of competency. Every IKO Instructor gives the student a level at the end of every session. Every Student should receive their level listed on their Kiteboarder Card at the end of their training. The Skill Chart is also available on the IKO’s website, and in the IKO Kiteboarder Handbook, and Workbooks.
EDUCATION: IKO has an Online Education System that offers many courses to improve your knowledge of kiteboarding. Some courses are free to IKO members, and some courses can be taken for a fee. There are two Online education areas, one for the kiteboarding members, and one for the Pro-members (instructors). All levels of kiteboarders are encouraged to improve their knowledge and continue their learning with the IKO’s Kiteboarder Online Education system.

PRODUCTS: IKO has a range of products to help kiteboarders, Instructional DVD’s and Kiteboarder Handbooks, and Manuals. The Progressions DVD Series is highly recommended. there are four levels; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional.

Miami Kiteboarding Your Kite Lessons Florida school beach, Keys. Miami Beach Kiteboarding Lessons, Florida kitesurfing lessons are the real deal in Miami Beach, Florida south beach and the keys. Adventure boat charters.