Miami Kiteboarding Beach

Miami Kiteboarding Holiday

It’s on for the holidays , great wind , but a bit cool, down in the high 7o D’s

miami kiteboarding holliday by .

We are loving this winter kiteboarding, great for lessons, great for riding, just a great time hear in florida.

Miami Beach City Commission sets new rules for kiteboarders

Miami Beach backs off ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to kiteboarding — and most are happy about it

Miami Beach kiteboarders and sunbathers are locked in bitter conflict

Are the silly head lines, Miami beach has great beaches, and has great kiteboarding.

As long as kiters are certified level three riders and they stay 50 feet away from swimming zones, it’s fair game to head to a patch of 25th Street and everywhere north of 29th Street. The off-limits areas include south of 24th Street and between 25th and 29th streets. Kiteboarders also must use the beach only for launching and landing and stay 200 feet from shore. Before a roomful of kiteboarders in blazers and tinted sunglasses, the commission set new rules: No kiteboarding south of 24th Street, or between 25th and 29th streets, where the beach is severely eroded and home to high-occupancy condos. But a small patch at 25th Street and everything north of 29th Street will be fair game –– as long as the kiters steer clear of swimming zones and are certified level three riders.three locations on the beach — 35th Street, 84th Street and Ocean Terrace.

There are encouraged to rat out peps that don’t, but to home and what is the certifying body is un clear, No worry there will be sum one with there hand out.