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What is IKO ?
IKO ( International Kiteboarding Organization ) is the leading authority worldwide for certifying kiteboarders, training Instructors and defining the Quality labels of affiliated schools.

Similar to PADI in the diving industry . IKO set the Kiteboarding Standards for a Safe and independent development of the sport worldwide.

Represented in ver 40 Countries , IKO is recognized as the most credible quality label within the kiteboarding industry.

Miamikiteboarding was the first IKO affiliated school in the USA in 2006 , and became now the largest IKO training Center, with the owner Christophe Ribot being one of the only 3 Examiner in the Country .

If you want to start a career in Kiteboarding , its starts here at Miamikiteboarding .

Assistant Training courses, and Instructor Course are organized quarterly .

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