I am a Beginner, What Tip Would You Give Me?

Just Grip it and Rip it dude. (not Quite)

*Find a good school, save money and time, play safe and take a lesson.

*The use of a trainer kite (a two –three meter kite) will make you instinctive with the controls. After getting the kite to do as you wish, task your kite flying. For example, envision your self going to the right and moving the kite down and up in the right side of where the kite will fly. Understand the perimeters of where the kite will fly and how this will result as movement.

kitesurfing kiteboarding girl

kitesurfing lines

Staying focused on kiteboarding lessons. A minds eye view of the wind window is achieved through trainer kite drills and visualization of how these drills would apply to a big kite.

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