Concepts Of Using Wind

Concepts Of Using Wind

We are going to use the wind for power. Let’s get familiar with how to get controlled power, have fun without getting hurt


1) The dome or “wind window” represents the area the kite will fly in. The wind window’s edge is in green. The kite stops going up wind in the green ark area. The kite has less pull in the green than in the red area. The kite also reacts slow in the green than in the red area.

2)The kite can go all over the place, results in pulling us in different directions with different amount of force. After getting accustomed to the steering, we want to have the kite pull where and when and how we like!


3)When one starts flying a power kite, keep the kite on the edge of the window. When you are comfortable with the feeling, start to experiment a bit. You will soon know what to expect from the kite in different circumstances.

4) Now, start moving with the kite in the direction of choice. For the most part you get to choose left-ish or right-ish.


5) to generate more power, moove the kite. The motion of the kite resembles an 8 as you move it up and down. Movement generates more power. Note: you want to keep the kite going up and down not left and right. When you do decide to change directions, take your time. Stop at the top, or center, have a look around. This helps to keep you orientated.

6) As you start to master flying the kite and how to move through the water you will start having more choice in the direction of travel. This means going up wind.


7) Use the board to help you track trough the water. It is good to have a familiarity of how you want to move with your board. Fly the kite with one hand while handling the board with the other. Otherwise how would you put the board on your feet?

8) Study this. You will want to look back at it later.

9) One should be able to go up wind with proper control. In a situation where the wind drops off and you can’t ride back you can body dragging home.

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