Love kitesurboarding secret spot #165

Doing kite lessons often turn into a down wind kite charter. This lot started kiteboarding at secret spot 165. Had a blast and ended in the keys. Got reports from Adventure sports Carlos” wow west point was crowded” (west point is a great kiteboartding spot pionered by It is on the west side of Key Biscayne, in the Biscayne bay). It is good to see that we are getting to the new kiteboarding spots, out of the way of the public. The flats that are out there are great. lets go kite safary.

kitebaording Key Kiscayne bay club kiteboard 01

Kiteboard guest (Aday)gearing up in Miami beach

kitebaording Key Kiscayne bay club kiteboard 01

Open space to move with the kite safely

kitebaording Key Kiscayne bay club kiteboard 03

12 kite's entrepreneur Christelle with guests of kiteboarding safari charter Ricardo & Aday

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