Flying A Kite Simulator


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KiteSim is an 3D interactive simulation of a LEI traction kite, the type of kite most often used for kite surfing.You can use this program to learn how to fly a kite, practice making loops, or try out different water launching techniques without worrying about untangling your strings later. The kite is controlled by the mouse, which moves the on-screen control bar and chicken loop. Other features include kite force, wind speed and kite speed indicators and wind speed and line length controls.


  • steer the kite by moving the control bar with a mouse
  • adjust the chicken loop to depower the kite
  • change line length, wind speed and gustiness parameters
  • modify background scenery and kite design
  • simulate launching and problems such as crossed lines
  • monitor kite force and speed


Windows 98 or later operating system
Intel Pentium III 400MHz or faster processor
Integrated 3D Graphics or better
64 MB of RAM
at least 5 MB of available hard disk space

Linking and Redistribution

Please do not redistribute KiteSim download on your website. If you want to let other people know about KiteSim, please refer them to or put a link to this page on your website. Linking to any page in the domain is encouraged.


Congratulations, this is the most beautiful piece of code that ever entered my hard drive. Thanks . . . and keep up the good work.

amazing, very well done . . . has the right feel and great control

this simulation is great, good [for] training

your kitesurfing simulation is really cool