5. Moving With the Kite

Move or travel with the kite.

Body drag (up wind and, **board retrieval**).

1. You will find that the kite reacts differently when you let it pull you. It is instinctive to try and swim. Try to dangle from the kite as the kite provides motion to keep you on the water. It is very intuitive to swim over flying the kite. Use two hands to fly the kite. Get comfortable moving with the kite. Start to get more power from the kite by moving it up and down remaining in one side of the sky. (not left to right to left…)


2. When the opportunity comes, go up wind to recover lost ground. Keeping the kite close to the water lets you pull it harder in the up wind direction and, it simulates riding. When you can, fly the kite with one hand. The kite has a tendency to fall, use the right hand to fly the kite, when the kite is to the left, and there left hand when the kite is to the right. It is better to pull the bar than to push!


3. It is time for the board when your flying the kite with one hand and body dragging up wind. If you can not body drag up wind without the board, you will find it hard to retrieve your board when it is lost. This is a very expensive board habit.


4. Body dragging up wind with the board is similar to doing it without. If you loose control of the kite, let go of the board, recover command of the kite, then retrieve the board. A common trap is holding the board after the kite is lost or out of control. The board is not your friend if you can’t fly the kite while holding the board. Don’t be a victim of board fixation.


m 5. Reach with the hand to the direction you are going. If you are going right, reach with your right hand. At first point just in front of the kite. A common mistake is to try to point to far up wind . When you change your tack or direction, do it slowly to avoid getting pooled down wind. When the kite retches the zenith, or the top of the window pause to orientate your body to the change in direction that is happening. Keep the board pointing where you are going. (To far up wind and it will get pulled away from you. If you cross the board in front you end up tangled in it.)


6. Push the board to manipulating the board in the water. If you want the front of the board to go right push the base of the board left!?! Yes?


7. Track slow and study, you will be reworded. Put weight on the up wind side of the board when tracing trough the water.


8. Chang in directions? Switch the task of the hands!


9. Yes this is Kite surfing. To be able to do all the components of kite surfing makes a Kite surfer!