4. Water Launch / Relaunch

With water relaunch there are two mane things.

A) Have the bar away from you. Further away it is the better. As far as you can stand it! Well just past that is just right!

AND Pull one side of the bar or on a bit of the leader line. If one is to pull both sides this is not one side.

1) If one is to execute this right, the kite will relaunch. When the kite starts to fly, return to normal kite controls (the bar). That means that one is to let go of the one side of leader line, grabbing the control bar as normal flight continues


2) Moderate the control line that is being pulled. Letting the line in and out is how to control the kite while it is in the water. That way it will not launch deep in the window or “hot launch”. Rather guide the kite to the windows edge and pluck the kite out.


There is witch craft after this but for the most part there are two thing that need to be for you to get the kite out o the water.