3. Launch the Kite

A-Launch the kite and keep it up

B-Place the kite where you want it

C-Understand how the kite moves and responds

1-What is the plan: Have a good idea of what you are going to do.
(a quick review of the wind window )

3-What you should not do: Avoid going from the left to the right to left…..This results in disorientation, and a pull that is hard to balance.


4-Anticipate the pull of the kite, and brace for it.


5-OK, there are going to be a lot of places to push our selves. This is not one!! Keep the motion of the kite nice and slow. Control is shown by kite placement, or commanding the kite to be where you won’t it.


6-WOW ! This thing rely pulls, (Do not know that I like it.) -slow motions is what is best at first( That way there is less pull)

7-Get “dialed in” to the feel of the power, or having a good feel and command.


-WOW ! This thing rely pools
, (Do not know that I like it.)

9-Well it is kind of fun. (Still don’t know that it is cool)

Ok got it under command. (Thinking, thinking)


11-Now we now what to expect, lets test, or play around, see what it’s got in it. (Hay this is fun!) ,”dialed in”