1b. Boat rig|kite prerig

The how to kite surf boat rig set up the kite on land as though you were going to do a beach launch. Doing a full inspection of your gear before leaving the dock. After connecting the lines, wrap the bar in the standard figure eights. Deflate the leading edge, leaving the struts full. I wrap the kite lite a kite surf burrito with a harness, or a life vest. Place the bar in the center of the kite on the leading edge and role the wing tips to the center with the bridals in the role.


When you get to your location (this is Hatteras, NC) start to set up for an assisted launch. The bar holder goes down wind to set up lines. And the dumb end gets to pump (In this case that is me).


The smart end take a second look to see if her end has tangles, and is ready to go across wind to take their run.

Boat de-rig, well, this is messy. Good luck ** don’t get the lines in the prop!!

Crandon Park